Coding for Young People (CYP) is an ERASMUS+ project aimed at transferring and implementing innovative practices in the field of programming in non-formal education system at the European level. It is oriented toward promoting the use of ICT and open educational resources among youth. The project will contribute to the increase of digital competences among youth and support the formal education system in implementing innovative STEM curricula.

The project will have two main phases:

  1. Study: diagnosis of opportunities to acquire digital competences through non-formal education -especially computer programming throughout the EU. It will investigate to what extent young people in the selected countries have access to non-formal digital education and what is the impact of non-formal initiatives on digital competences improvement.
  2. Involvement of youth workers and youngsters in existing initiatives, in order to foster the improvement of their competences in programming. A joint staff training event will be organised for the youth workers of the partners’ organisations involving the experts and organisations identified in the networking phase.