CYP Database on Coding Initiatives for Young People

The Coding for Young People project has published a Database of Coding Initiatives for Young People in Belgium, Italy and Spain, in the form of an easy-to-use Excelsheet, which provides an overview of coding activities in the noted countries with the following details:

  1. Name of initiative, organisation and contact details
  2. Type of initiative:  Face-to-face, online, etc.
  3. Targeted age-groups and language(s)
  4. Duration of activities
  5. Types of coding activities carried out and coding languages, where specified

If you have any suggestions and/or would like to add your organisation or initiative to the database, please contact us.

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CYP Study on Coding for Young People

The Coding for Young People project has published a Study on Digital Initiatives in Belgium, Spain and Italy, which provides an overview of the following topics in the three noted countries:

  1. Level of digital competences of young people
  2. Programming in formal and non-formal education
  3. Ecosystem for learning coding
  4. Best practices for learning coding in a non-formal way
  5. Non-formal digital initiatives focusing on girls

Findings of the study were presented at the first CYP multiplier event which took place on 21 June 2016 in Brussels.



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Belgian Multiplier Event

On 21 June 2016 in Brussels, the inaugural Coding for Young People multiplier event was organised by the Digital Leadership Institute, Brussels-based partner to the CYP project, as an official side-event of the first-ever Digital Festival in Europe. The event included a best practices roundtable on Coding for Young People in Europe and an Android coding workshop for young people.

At this event targeting students, educators, administrators and policy-makers, expert panelists led a discussion on best practices in coding for youth from across Europe. The roundtable was followed by an Android smartphone coding workshop for young people which was also open to members of the public.

14:30-14:35: Welcome by Cheryl Miller, Cofounder, Digital Leadership Institute

14:50-16:00: Expert-led Best Practices Roundtable:

Moderator: Ms. Cheryl Miller, Cofounder, Digital Leadership Institute

15:45-17:30: Android Coding Workshop for Young People:
Following the best practices roundtable, Ms. Rosanna Kurrer, Digital Leadership Institute Cofounder, led a hands-on Android Coding workshop with MIT App Inventor, that targeted young people ages 11 and up.

Minutes of the event may be found here and pictures are on the DLI Facebook page and Digital Festival Facebook page.

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