Teach Coding to Young People with MIT App Inventor

In the course of carrying out research for the Coding for Young People project, it was concluded that the MIT App Inventor platform is a very useful tool for introducing coding — and specifically Android smartphone application development — to young people. On that basis, the CYP project has created unique content related to teaching this platform that can be used by anyone to learn coding with the MIT App Inventor for Android.

Below please find unique Coding for Young People project content to support learning and teaching MIT App Inventor for Android, as well as general resources in several European languages which are freely available to start young people on their MIT App Inventor adventure!cyp vid

  1. Coding for Young People “Translate It!” Smartphone Application Trainer Tutorial for MIT App Inventor for Android:
    Video Details:  The 50-minute tutorial video is divided into four chapters of ten minutes each.
    Language Setting:  Subtitles for the video are available in almost any language by doing the following:
    a) Click on the “CC” icon beneath the video to enable the Subtitles/Closed Caption feature;
    b) Click on the Settings wheel and select the “Subtitles/CC” option;
    c) Choose the “English (auto-generated)” option;
    d) Click on “Auto-translate”; and
    e) Select your Subtitles language in the drop-down menu.
  2. Guide for the Coding for Young People MIT App Inventor “Translate It!” Trainer Tutorial
  3. MIT App Inventor Platform:  Available in ten languages including English, French, Italian and Spanish.
  4. Additional MIT App Inventor Resources by Country/Language:
  5. Teachers of MIT App Inventor:
    Global Teacher Map
    English Teacher’s Forum
  6. MIT App Inventor Forums by Language:
  7. MIT App Inventor Certified Master Trainers:
    Belgium (English)
    French (France)
    Dutch (Netherlands)

Additional CYP information on MIT App Inventor for Android and on coding for young people in Europe may be found below:

For more background on the Coding for Young People project, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, please contact Consulta Europa  project leader.  For questions about the above other MIT App Inventor inquiries, please feel free to contact project partners in their home countries: